What on Earth is maxfield live? 
Hey there! maxfield.live is the ultimate hotspot for mind-blowing sports, entertainment and lifestyle experiences. We're like the magic wand that grants you access to a smorgasbord of awesome events, dazzling travel packages and even delightful gift vouchers. We don't just stop at ordinary tickets—we bring you experiences that will blow your socks off! 


We whipped up maxfield live because we believe life should be filled with extraordinary moments, not just the same old humdrum. Whether you're a big shot corporate honcho looking to impress clients, a boss wanting to reward your superstar team, or just someone on the hunt for a mind-blowing adventure, maxfield live has your back. We've got experiences that will make your jaw drop and leave you shouting, "Woohoo!" 


Wait, I thought maxfield.live was an event management company? 
Good pick up! You’ve likely come from our host website, maxfield.agency. maxfield live sits under the maxfield brand. It’s the same company, just a different part of the business! Kind of like Threads with Instagram. 


But how do you book this awesomeness, you ask? 
Booking with maxfield live is as easy as pie. Simply pick the experience that makes your heart skip a beat, tell us how many you want to bring along, and hit that "Book Now" button. Then, fill out a quick registration form (nothing too fancy, we promise) and seal the deal with your payment deets.


What happens after you've booked your slice of paradise? 
Voila! Your confirmation email will pop up in your inbox faster than you can yell “insufficient intent!" and then Ray Chamberlain agreeing with your plea. This email is chock-full of all the juicy details about your purchase. We're talking invoices (boring), who to contact and how to contact them. Got questions during this process? No worries, just give our maxfield.live Customer Service Team a buzz at 0450 092 913, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Harry is more than happy to answer your query at 2.33am! They're here to make your experience as smooth as the MCG’s hallowed turf. 


Hold on a second! Am I paying an arm and a leg for these incredible experiences? 
Absolutely not! We believe in fair play, my friend. All prices listed on maxfield live are set by the vendors themselves. So, rest assured, you're not getting fleeced. They're the same prices you'll find everywhere else. We don't do price hikes.


Does maxfield live own all these mind-blowing events? 
Not exactly, but we're the masters of unlocking the gate to a wonderland of sports and entertainment experiences. We've partnered with the coolest teams, leagues, venues, event promoters, travel package operators, and experience providers out there. They're the ones selling these out-of-this-world events, packages, and experiences, and we're the genie granting you direct access. It doesn't get any easier than that, does it? 


Okay, okay, I've got my confirmation email. Now what? 
You're on the right track, my friend! Once you've got that golden confirmation email in your possession, the seller you booked with (their details are right at the bottom of the email) will reach out to you, most likely via email. They just want to double-check everything and hand over the key to your package or ticket info. If you find yourself a bit unsure during this process, remember we've got your back. Just contact the maxfield live Customer Service Team at 0450 092 913, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. They'll happily guide you through the adventure or provide the reassurance you need. 


Uh-oh! My package and tickets are still MIA. Who should I call? 
Hey, hey, don't panic just yet! If you've booked but haven't heard a peep from the seller, get in touch with our fabulous maxfield live Customer Service Team at 0450 092 913, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. They'll help you track down your missing goodies in no time. But let's say the seller has reached out, yet your package and ticketing information haven't arrived. In that case, you can either contact the seller directly or let our maxfield live team swoop in and sort things out for you. We've got your back, remember? 


What if I'm in desperate need of a superhero? 
Never fear, the maxfield live Customer Service Team is here! If you ever need a helping hand, or just some good banter, reach out to our amazing team at 0450 029 913, Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm. They're also available via email at harry@maxfield.agency. We'll be your sidekick on this adventure, making sure you have the time of your life! 

So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of maxfield.live, where ordinary experiences turn into extraordinary memories. Buckle up and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!